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Tanmun Hawmna

EBC Heutu telching thak a om te Secret ballot a a post ding uh telna CEC sitting 284, dt. 10.12.18, 7:00AM ah neih in om hi. Tuatoh kiton in 2019-2021 sung anuai a bang in mohpuakna len ding uhi:

1. General Secretary
Rev Paukhanmang Guite- General Secretary

1. Rev S Vung Minthang- Director of Ministries
2. Rev K Kamchinkhup- Director of Missions
3. Rev Gin Malsawm- Director of Social Development

Divisional Superintendent
1. Rev. V Nenglian – Imphal Division
2. Rev. V Thangkhangin – Lamka North Division
3. Rev. L Khaikhansong – Lamka South Division
4. Rev. V Ginsianthang – Mizoram Division
5. Rev. Thawndoulian – Singngat Division
6. Rev. M Zalian Guite – Thanlon Division
7. Rev. G Kamzamuan – Vangai Division

Field Superintendent
1. Rev. T Thangzasiam – Dhemaji Mission Field
2. Rev. T Lalmalsawm – Himalayan Mission Field
3. Rev. N Tuanglang – Karbi Anglong Mission Field
4. Rev. S Thang Johnson – Manipur Mission Field


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