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Rules for Mini Auditorium & Gospel Centenary Hall

Executive Officer Meeting thupukna bang in Mini Auditorium leh Gospel Centenary Hall zat ding Dan/Rules hiaibang a bawlthak ahi. (Vide EOM 450 sitting, Resln. No. 1 of dated Sept. 10,2018)
General Secretary leh Director of Social Development in thusuah abawl anuai ah hong kitaklang hi. (No.EBC/GS/1(01)/17)

September 10, 2018 akipan Dorcas Mini Auditorium leh Gospel Centenary Hall, EBC Headquarters, zat ding Dan/Rules hiai anuaia banga bawlthak ahi.
This new Rules for Dorcas Mini Auditorium and Gospel Centenary Hall will be effective from September 10, 2018.

1. Saptuam vante leh Auditorium leh Gospel Centenary Hall Pathian nasepna a zat ding a tup ahi a, sum dawnna ding kia a bawl ahikei.
Auditorium and Gospel Centenary Hall and other properties of the Church are meant primarily for ministry purpose and not for sheer business.

2. Saptuam van ahih toh kiton in Pathian La leh Phatna Late kia sakna mun a zat ding ahi. Zawlla leh la siangthoulou te sak na ding in phal ahikei.
Being the property of the Church, no music other than Gospel music is allowed to be played in the Auditorium.

3. Zu leh khkamtheih him him compound sung leh Auditorium leh Gospel Centenary Hall sunga hih leh tawilut phallouh bikbek ahi.
Alcohol and any prohibited substance is strictly prohibited within Auditorium and Gospel Centenary Hall and around Dorcas Hall Compound.

4. Electronic vanzat hi in Sound System hileh a saitu dia Office in a sehte loungal in sai/khoih phallouh ahi. A saitu dia seh hilou in a khoih ziaka siatna omleh a se pen ahoih in a dinkik ding.
The official authorized person alone is to handle the electronic/sound system, otherwise any damage caused due to unauthorized handling must be replaced a new by the concern person.

Rev. S. Vung Minthang
General Secretary
Evangelical Baptist Convention

Rev. Gin Malsawm
Director of Social Development

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