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Admission Notice

Grace Bible College a Pathian thu sinnuam, piangthak leh Pathian sapna tangte ading in Admission form a nuai a course-te ading in hawmkhiak hita hi. Thuchian zaw Office ah muhtheih gige hi.

Program of Study
Master of Divinity

Duration of Study
Secular Graduate te ading in kum 3; ATA/Senate of Serampore nuai a B.Th. Grade ‘B’ a zoute ading in kum 2.

Essential Qualifications
Secular Graduate or B.Th. ATA/Serampore nuai a zoute

Program of Study
Bachelor of Theology

Duration of Study
Kum 3 sin ding

Essential Qualifications
Class XII zousa hiam Diploma in Theology zousa

Program of Study
Diploma in Theology

Duration of Study
Kum 2 sin ding

Essential Qualifications
Class X zousa te

Program of Study
Ministerial Training Course (Galzilna)

Duration of Study
Kum 2 sung-a zoh di

Essential Qualifications
Class VIII zousa te deihtuam biik ahi.

Lunglutna neite ading in Office ah hiam ah amuh theih ding hi. Ngetna form bukim July 17, 2018 tan in College ah piaklut ding ahi. July 19, 2018 ni in Admission Test a om dia, July 20, 2018 in personal interview om ding hi.

A poimoh mahmahte ading in Hostel leh Partial-Scholarship a om thei hi.

-Chinkhenthang Guite


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