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Saptuamte kiang a kizaksakna

No. EBC/GS/01(01)/21: Covid-19 hileng 2nd wave in India sung nakpi in hon nuailel a, maban ah leng hong uangsem ding a kilang ahihman in, Government in kivenna ding a thusuah a bawlte kitheihmoh bawl vual hilou hi. Tua toh kiton in, mimal leh saptuam chih pilvang a, I omna State chiat ua Government in Covid-19 toh kisai a mipi zuih ding a thusuah a bawlte khauhtak a zuichiat ding in i kitheisak hi (Vide EOM 561st Sitting, Thupukna 1na, dated 20-04-2021).
Covid-19 hileng masa sang a tua pen thuakhak zaw ding a gen ahihman in, i kiven theihna omsun - mask, khutsil, kinaih lua a omlouh ding, mipi omkhawm louh ding leh a dangdang te pilvangtak a mimal leh saptuam te’n zuih ngeingei ding ahi. Hiai hipi apan Toupa’n suahthakna thupi hon piakna ding in nakpi in tawplou in thumzom zel ni.

Sd/- Rev. S. Vung Minthang
Director of Ministries

Sd/-Rev. Paukhanmang Guite
General Secretary


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