How the EBC Functions

How the EBC Functions

1. Administration:
EBC adopted centralized system of administration and centralized finance. The local churches do have their autonomy to certain extend but the convention employs and gives Pastors, teachers and whatever care the local churches need. This system has been best suited for poor countries like this part of India. Otherwise there was no way the poor local churches could employ their Pastor and other workers. Pooling of funds together to the convention headquarters enabled EBC to extend care to the most needed local churches. 2. Finance:
EBC is a self supporting indigenous church. The local churches contributed 70% of tithes and 70% of women's fund to the convention besides missions fund and other project funds 100% to the convention. 3. Departments:
The ministry of EBC at the convention level is divided into four departments viz:-
i) General Administration,
ii) Ministries
iii) Institutions, and
iv) Missions,
each department under one executive officer elected by the General council for a term of three years. 4. Executive Officers:
The convention has four executive officers as follow:
a) General Secretary:
He is the Chief Functionary of the convention. He has an over all controlling and supervision to the Secretariat staff and the divisional/Association office staff. The department of General Administration is under his direct control. He is the contact person for EBC.
b) Director of Ministries:
Pastoral Ministries & Evangelism, Sunday School, Church Music, Publication, the departments of Women, Youth and Children, Social care ministry, contending for Baptist faith are the responsibilities of the Director of Ministries.
c) Director of Institutions:
Under this department are schools, training, finance, development and resources, relief and planning.
d) Director of Missions:
Mission field and staff control, promotion and motivation of missions, partnership with mission agencies, church planting and growth, and leadership development are the responsibilities of the Director of Missions. 5. Roles of Management Committee
1. Recruitment and Termination  of Staff of LRRC,  Managing Committee  khut  ah BOT in thuneihna pia hi.
2. Secretary,  EBC/LRRC,  General Secretary, EBC ah responsible ahi. Himahleh a nasepna ah bel managing committee deihna bang ahi..
3. Semtute Contarct basis in kum 1 zel ding a Managing Committee in a lak ahi. 6. LRRC Managing Committee members (2009-2011):
1. Upa L.T.Juan Tonsing, Chairman
2. Mr. T. Langsanglian, Secretary
3. Upa H.L. Khai, Member
4. Rev Dr S Langzakham, Member
5. Upa M. Ginzalian, Member
6. Dr. VC Pau Tonsing, Member
7. Rev Dr Luaichinthang, Member
8. Upa T Haumang, Member


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