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Gospel Centenary Hall Honna neih in om

I gam a Tanchinhoih honglut kum 100 (2010) chinna leh Pathian kiang a kipahthugenna hiding in EBC Kumsim Khawmpilian 59na (2007) in Gospel Centenary Hall (GCH) bawl ding thupuk in, hiai nna semsuahsuah ding in Board of Trustee (BOT/CEC) mohpuakna pia hi. Huchi in BOT/CEC sitting 209 thupukna, December 12, 2007 dungzui in GCH Construction Committee ding member 7 guang uhi.

Amaute makaihna in June 7, 2009 in Rev. L. Kham Kho Lun, General Secretary in ground breaking nei a, November 18, 2010 zing dak 7 in Construction Work Commencement program neih in om hi. Hun hong paizel in July 7, 2012 in General Secretary in thumna nei in nnasep pat in om hi.

Saptuam in Hall poimoh mahmah ahihman in building bawl kawmkawm in kum tampitak zohsiang ahihma in kizang tou hi. Tu in GCH toh kisai a bawl dia gelsa teng zoh ahihtak toh kiton in November 6, 2021 zinglam dak 10:00 geih in Rev. Paukhanmang Guite, General Secretary, EBC in Hall honna leh Pathian kianga latna nei hi.

Gospel Centenary Hall nasepna a kisemkhawmte hiai bang ahi.
1. GCH Main Hall, Balcony leh Dressing Room nih.
2. GCH Auditorium with AC, Sound System and 2 Meeting Halls
3. Side rooms 4 with toilet attached
4. Toilet complex and urinal shed
5. Main gate and security post
6. Dorcas Hall security post
7. State Bank of India ATM Booth
8. Ground levelling and pucca drainage
9. Northern and Southern fencing.
10. Generator shed and New Generator 20KV
11. Semi pucca store room and dump bin
12. Ebenezer Academy building dismantle and new building construction 4 rooms.


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