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Manipur Government in Covid–19 hileng ziak a state pumpi lockdown a puan pailel pen August 6, 2020 tan a hon behlap (extended) toh kiton in Saptuam in leng Government thupuan nungthuap na in August 6, 2020 tan or thuthak omma Saptuam Headquarters Office Dorcas Hall leh a kahiang Office tuamtuam Manipur sunga omte khak (Closed) touhlai ahi ding. (Vide 530th EOM Sitting, Thupukna No. 01 of dated 31-07-2020)

Thuthak omkei leh August 7, 2020 apan ngeina banga Office hon nawn ahi ding. Covid-19 hileng apan kivenna ding a Government leh Saptuam apan thusuah kibawlsate lockdown sung pilvangtak a zuihchiat lai ding ahi. Toupa’n hiai hipi apan i gamsung hon damsakna ding in saptuam-te nakpi in thumni.

Sd/- Rev. Paukhanmang Guite
General Secretary

Sd/- Rev. S. Vung Minthang
Director of Ministries

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