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Government in Covid-19 apan kivenna ding a panlakna a sutzop touh zel toh kiton in March 24 – 31, 2020 sung Saptuam Office te ‘Partial Shutdown’ kibawl a hun a bei toh kiton in review bawl ahi.

Covid – 19 ziak a Lockdown easing kibawl leh Manipur Govt. in June 30, 2020 tan lockdown a behlap nawn thu genkhawm ahi a, thuthak omma lockdown zuihtouh lai dia phasak ahi, mipi biakkhawmna leng neihtheih nailouh ding chihna suak hi. Tua toh kiton in Saptuam Office a semtute zuihding in anuai a bang a kizaksakna bawlnawn ahi (Vide 522nd E.O.M. Sitting Thupukna No. 01 of dated 01-06-2020):
1. Government in June 30, 2020 tan Total Lockdown a puannawn toh kiton in, Saptuam office te Partial Shutdown nawn phot ding a phasak ahi.

2. Headquarters, Divisions & Fields Office, Grace Bible College, LRRC leh Convention Book House a semtute Accounts leh Office toh kisaia alou theilou nna kin omte a Office kai ding semtu Concerned Head of Department in arrangement a bawl ding.

3. Divisional/Field Superintendent & HoD te’n Financial Year thak kipan nawnta ahihna ah sep ding omte buailou ding in Staff arrangement a na bawl ding uh.

Government lam apan panlakna thak zuih ding omte kizaksakna bawl zel ahi ding.

Sd/-Rev. Paukhanmang Guite
General Secretary

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