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Rev Paukhanmang Guite
Managing Editor
Rev. S. Vung Minthang

Contributing Editors

  1. Rev. K. Kamchinkhup
  2. Rev. Gin Malsawm
Production Managers
  1. Mr. Mangthianlal Samte
  2. Upa T. Paukhansiam
  3. Rev V.Thangkhanmuan
Circulation Manager
Mr. K. Jamchinthang
Design & Setting
Lun Thawmte
Thusuah ding piakna:
Khristian Thukizakna
Dorcas Hall, P. O. Box-6,
New Lamka,
Manipur - 795006, India.
Email tungtawn in: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thusuah sung a kigente Evangelical Baptist Convention Saptuam ngaihdan ahi kim kholkei. Thusuahte in amau thusuah ah moh a pawtek ding uh.

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