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What the EBC Stands for

As a church EBC has multiple responsibilities and concerns. It is also true that it cannot emphasize one ministry at the cost of another hence maintaining balance has been the rule for smooth functioning. EBC is committed to caring its members and to propagate the gospel to people of other faiths. At home EBC is involved in the following ministries:

1. Church Growth:

As migration from village to towns and cities grows, urbanization is growing fast in the urban areas. This has a positive impact of the city Churches that over the past 10 years city churches has seen rapid growth that mother churches began to plant sister churches in the urban areas. As a centralized church EBC has to take up the responsibilities of helping the local churches in finding new plots of land and construction of several church buildings every year.

2. Social Care Ministry:

Urbanization also have negative impact to the society in terms of drug HIV/AIDS, prostitution, arms trafficking and rise of insurgency activities in the North East India. The native church is called to respond to this problem. For this purpose EBC started Lamka Rehabilitation Research and Centre (LRRC) to deal with this drug menace since 1988.

3. Education:

Due to non-functioning of Government schools in the interior hill areas the church is compelled to respond to this need. The impossibility of running tuition fee schools in most areas is another added burden to the church, because the people could not afford to this. EBC has higher secondary school -1, High school -2, Junior High School - 10, JB School - 29, LP School - 16. Total No. of 58 Schools and 4,259 students.

4. Evangelism:

EBC is actively doing evangelism among its members in the form of bible camps, crusades, seminars and workshops. The dividing line of EBC membership have always been whether they were born again or not.

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